Frequently asked questions.

Question. Will it work in my filter ?

Answer.  Yes, but remember there is no filter out there yet designed purely for the use of BIO-MOTION, it can be used in any sump, multi-bay filter or moving bed filter with minimal if any alteration required , there are already lots of videos on how to use BIO-MOTION FILTER MEDIA available to view on "you tube" including "How to make an excellent moving bed filter"

Question. How much do I need ?

Answer. Only about 10% of the amount of plastic media being used or planned for use. 5 litres of BIO-MOTION per 1000 gallons of water would be a good optimum figure but of course the more used the better the results.

In a small filter for aquarium use a fill level of around 30% media will give the best movement.

Question. Will it sink over time ?

Answer.  Some pieces will get heavier over time and may sink but this will have no effect on how it performs, BIO-MOTION works best with movement  but does not need to continuously " float and clash" in the way  plastic media has to move together vigorously to knock away the slime and detritus that has gathered on the media,there is no such problem with BIO-MOTION it only requires enough gentle movement to allow the water to make contact with all surfaces.

Question. Where can I get BIO-MOTION from ?

Answer. We have not yet appointed any overseas distributors for BIO-MOTION so for now it`s available direct from us, its lightweight, 2 Litres weigh under a kilo so its cheap to ship,full details on our online shop page.