BIOHOME  standard (grey) 

Biohome is the premium brand sintered glass filter media in Asia, used by leading hobbyists it has a long  proven record of trouble free use.

Biohome is made from industrial grade materials to ensure a long working life and with a porosity of around 42% has a usable surface area of over 7000 sq ft per kilo ! plastic bio balls have less than 200 sq ft per kilo. 

The colonisation of Biohome by beneficial bacteria is very fast, normally between 21-42 days, it recovers fast after the use of medications and can be easily transferred between systems.

Biohome is a biological filter media and good mechanical filtration must be used prior to it.

Biohome allows both nitrifying ( aerobic) and denitrifying ( anaerobic) bacteria to grow on and through its unique structure.

With over 250,000 litres of Biohome sold worldwide there have been  numerous good things said about it, look  on the internet at what the users of our media say, we will never please everyone but we certainly do most !